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We are looking for feedback from fellow Northerners all across the region.  Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and offer your thoughts on how to build a more people-centred system that helps Northerners access timely care when and where they need it.
The survey will close at midnight on Tuesday, December 9th.

Almaguin-Health.org ...

Ensuring quality healthcare for the Almaguin Highlands region!

Thank you for visiting our new Internet site.  We will be using this site to provide our community with updates in our efforts to create a new Community Health Centre for the Almaguin Highlands.

We are making every effort to create content and information, and find ways to best keep in touch with our community regarding this important initiative.  This includes providing background and history; updates on our continued discussions with the healthcare community; status on our development of a business plan; and answers to frequently asked questions.  In addition, we are looking for your valued input through the use of polls and surveys found on this web site. 

If you require more information regarding our efforts you can email us at info@almaguin-health.org .  If you have specific feedback regarding our web site, please email us at feedback@almaguin-health.org .