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Almaguin Highlands Health Council

The Almaguin Highlands Health Council is a not-for-profit organization focused on retaining and expanding quality healthcare services in the Almaguin Highlands region.  This region spans up the Highway 11 corridor from just north of Huntsville to just south of North Bay, Ontario.

The Council was established in 2011 and represents 10 municipalities in the Almaguin Highlands region.  The current make-up of the committee for the 2022-2026 municipal term includes the following members:

  • Rod Ward (Chair) - Mayor, Township of Armour
  • Fraser Williamson (Vice Chair) - Councillor, Village of Sundridge
  • Jim Ronholm - Councillor, Township of Strong
  • Chris Hope- Mayor, Village of Burk's Falls
  • Tom Bryson - Councillor, Township of Joly
  • Cheryl Philip - Mayor, Town of Kearney
  • Brad Kneller - Councillor, Municipality of Magnetawan
  • Vicky Roeder-Martin - Councillor, Township of McMurrich/Monteith
  • Norm Hofstetter - Mayor, Township of Perry
  • Delynne Patterson - Councillor, Township of Ryerson
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