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Almaguin Highlands Health Centre

150 Huston Street

Burk's Falls, ON


The Almaguin Highlands Health Council supports the Centre and is focused on retaining quality healthcare services for the entire Almaguin Highlands region

Advocating for, and coordinating access to, healthcare services for all residents of the Almaguin Highlands region.


Protecting healthcare in the Almaguin Highlands​

The Almaguin Highlands Health Council has several identified focus areas aligned with the current municipal council timelines (2018 through 2022). These are summarized as:

Communicating the specific needs for healthcare across the Almaguin Highlands region through either an Ontario Health Team (OHT) application or partnership with an existing OHT to ensure all residents of the region are heard;

Ensuring we are prepared for the future of healthcare delivery through provision of high-speed connectivity for every resident of the Almaguin Highlands;

Ensuring that we attract and retain the healthcare professionals we require to deliver excellent healthcare to the region;

Developing strategic health care planning, with a regional view, to restructure and build a responsive system that meets the needs of our residents, supports our care providers, and improves health outcomes

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